Overcoming Fear in Starting a Home Based Business

Overcoming fear in starting a home based business is a fundamental first step in being successful. When I started in my home based business, the biggest decision was not whether it was a proven system, that was important.But really it was the fear of failure.I tried to dig around as to what was behind that fear. I don’t think it was solely a fear of being scammed. I’ve tried so many things over the years, I recognize when something is authentic now. It was more the fear of putting money into something I might not see results from. It was a fear of another thing not working.Fundamentally, I had to develop very strongly my belief in myself, that I could be successful.The system, the business itself was secondary to that. The fear of failure ran deep though, so it takes regular personal development to overcome the fear of starting a new home business.Here’s how you can build your own wall against fear when starting a home based business.Do your homework, what we call your ‘due diligence’. Make sure you identify a profitable business model, then you cannot fail. How so?Well, if you know that you are a disciplined person, that you are prepared to work hard at mastering the basics, who can focus, who is teachable, then if the business model is sound, it will work for you.What varies is the speed at which you achieve results. That’s dependent on your current skill set and how much time and money you invest in your home business, such as for tools and system, personal development, advertising etc. Once you believe that you can succeed in your home based business, the fear disappears and you can just get on with doing the hard graft. But too many people give up too early, then blame the tool or the system.It can take time sometimes to get results in a home based business. Believe in it, believe in your success, visualize it, give it a timescale, feel it, celebrate your progress along the way.So I want to encourage and empower you to feel the fear and do it anyway.Believe in yourself and you’ll be fearless moving forward. The fear is grounded in not doing the work – so do the work, create consistency in your daily and weekly activities, find ways to see the momentum growing to reinforce that things are working, that you are succeeding. There is nothing to fear but fear itself!

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